Covid Response

In the month of July, HBS started functioning as a 100% COVID hospital with all 56 beds provided for COVID treatment. All beds in HBS have the necessary oxygen lines & other high end infrastructure including 24 beds with Ventilators and 10 beds with non-invasive ventilators. We are grateful to Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives (APPI) and other donors for their contributions which have made possible our efforts. We have also set up comfortable facilities for patient attenders in the parking area.

Further a hostel within 250 mts of the hospital was rented and converted to a COVID Oxygen Centre (COC) with 32 beds for patients with mild symptoms or patients who are recovered from the hospital but require some monitoring and oxygen support for a few days before they can head home.

In its first month of COVID operations, HBS has successfully treated 200+ patients. It is also among the few hospitals in Bengaluru to provide dialysis services to COVID patients. In our COVID and dialysis teams, some of the lead doctors are even working completely pro bono.